What’s the Four Nations Rugby


Not to be confused with the six countries of Union, take a look at the alternative tournament of Rugby League.



The Four Nations is a leading league tournament featuring four of the most powerful sides in the sport. The inclusion of a nation watched the makes it a test for a few of the finest players of league. It’s arguably tougher than the Rugby League World Cup since the games are more competitive because the World Cup features a range of games involving league playing countries that are poorer.


With teams from both the southern and northern hemisphere, the Four Nations attracts attention each side of the planet.


What are the Four Nations?

The Four Nations is a Rugby League tournament featuring teams from Australia, New Zealand, England and one. It was contested as the Gillette Rugby League Tri-Nations in 1999 and included the three countries in the game: New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain. In 2009 the contest was replaced with a Four Nations series, and England now competes rather than Great Britain, with an extra side being encouraged (rather the Pacific Cup Champions and the European Champions).


What occurs during the tournament that is rugby?

Played over a few weeks in October and November, the contest is in a ‘mini-league’ format with each team playing the other once (three matches each). The two teams go on to fight it out.


Where do these teams play?

The tournament is usually hosted by Ufabet a couple of the nations on a hemisphere basis. By way of instance, New Zealand and Australia will host games once the championship is played in the southern hemisphere, and the next tournament will be jointly hosted by England and another European country (usually France or Wales who are the most powerful other European countries).


What system is utilized in this tournament?

The points system


  • Win — 2 points


  • Draw — 1 point


  • Loss — 0 points


Both countries finishing in second and first place will contest the final. If the last is tied after 80 minutes or time that is standard the game goes to Golden Point the scorer of some points in time is declared the winner.


The Four Nations tournament’s future

The Four Nations tournament was held in France and England in 2009 and Australia and New Zealand in 2010, where Papua New Guinea was encouraged as winners of the Pacific Cup. Australia and New Zealand are inclined to dominate but it is hoped that the countries that are competing will catch up to create the tournaments a competitive battle.


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