The Best Reviews of Travel Websites For Beginners

When we research, plan or book trip, we rely on the Internet as our main source of planning information. However, there is a vast amount of travel websites out there. The planning process can be daunting. There are so many questions that we have yet to answer: Is the site well-known? is it useful? has the site received good reviews?

To answer those questions, the first thing to do is you should always check the reviews of those websites.


Because checking reviews of travel Geeklah websites saves you time. Online information is often more current and timely than printed magazines or brochures. You will get a grasp on the credibility of the website from a wide different experiences. Rather than reading certain magazine who has vested interests in promoting the site itself, you would be getting honest reviews from people instantly. This cannot be accomplished if you conduct research offline i.e. asking from people to people, reading books in the library, jumping from one agent to another, etc.

Another reason is travel sites reviews save you money. No longer do you have to research your destination alone, plan your routes manually, check the weather, learn local slangs, find out restaurants, hotels, savings yourself. Trip sites reviews provide you real human experiences to make your planning cost efficient.

The last reason is these sites reviews are free and accessible around the clock. You can find it anywhere and anytime. You are no longer constrained with booking agent 9-5 schedule or ‘within certain period’ to check the transportation, deals, discounts, etc.

There is one drawback though: although the reasons above are true, you can easily be overloaded with information if you don’t know how to do it.

How To Look

Didn’t I tell you that travel sites reviews are oceans of information? In these oceans, there are rocks, sharks and tanks that can drown you anytime. How you look for these information will help you to make the most out of your journey planning. For example, offers ‘Name Your Price’ bidding process whereby you can put your bid and wait for the system to match it. You can only do this if (i) you have more schedule flexibility at hand; and (ii) you are willing to wait.

Imagine what would have happened if you don’t read the reviews of this booking site, when you are about to conduct your planning. You can potentially waste your time waiting or worse yet, go with other site who offers a much expensive deal.

You are not sure. This is your first time going to an unfamiliar destination. The only information you can rely on are reviews from other people, reviews of travel sites to make your booking.

In conclusion, the travel sites reviews are crucial, if not the most important, part of your planning. Make the best use of it, then your trip experience will be not only time and cost saving but also memorable.

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