Poster Frames Attract Attention For Businesses

This guide is designed to assist you in finding poster frames for your business. Whether you are looking for economical choices or more innovative designs to display in your office, business, or retail establishment, knowing what your options are is the first step to finding the right frame. By understanding the many different styles, types, prices, as well as the most current trends and exciting features, you will be able to see exactly what your choices are. This way you will be able to make an educated purchase and choose the right frames to match your style, function,and/or budget.

Polystyrene Poster Frames:
Polystyrene poster frames are the economical choice for the budget conscious business person. These poster frames are available in either a wide edge profile, or a thinner profile frame with beveled edges. Both versions have the ge themespage themPoster frames same look as aluminum but for a much lower price point. Polystyrene is a very lightweight plastic that is durable and environmentally friendly. In its solid form, polystyrene is one of the denser plastics, used as an inexpensive glazing material and for a wide range of molded frames. These poster frames are ideal for use in offices, video stores, college facilities, and more. However, these are not recommended for more upscale applications. They feature a non-glare front covering, allowing you to see your image behind the clear lens. This plastic lens is also water resistant to protect your poster against water damage. These wall frames will exceed your expectations in quality and their low prices will satisfy even the lowest budgets.

Snap Open Poster Frames:
Snap Open Poster Frames feature quick-clip technology making it easy to load and unload posters without ever removing the frame from the wall. Each edge snaps open so you can easily insert and remove your posters from the frame. Snap open frames are fabricated with attractive anodized-aluminum finishes and include a non-glare plastic overlay to protect your inserts and clearly showcase your displayed images. Snap frames save time and are perfect to buy for busy environments that require frequent poster changes. Ideal for use in banks, offices, retail stores, travel agencies and more, they strike a focal point in any place of business. A quick clip snap frame has become one of the most popular poster frames for business use, due to their ease of use and stylish look!

Wave Poster Frame Displays:
Wave displays feature an innovative curved design to really make graphics stand out! Unlike an average poster frame, a wave display is a dynamic fixture in and of itself! These contemporary poster frames provide a unique way to attract attention to your advertisements in a hotel, shopping mall, retail store, travel agency, and more. These versatile displays can even be mounted vertically or horizontally to a wall, depending on the orientation of your poster. Wave poster frames are constructed from aluminum and include two clear lenses to prevent your posters from collapsing or becoming damaged. Wave displays also have grooves on the side supports, allowing you to change your advertisements easily. Wave poster frame displays are the newest trend in business advertising, because they really make an impact. Your posters and graphic promotions literally project out from the wall to attract attention.

Educating yourself beforehand on the types of poster frames that are most current in today’s market is essential for making the best choice. Familiarizing yourself with what’s out there is a major piece in solving the poster frame purchasing puzzle for any business. Whether you are interested in buying frames for a low price, ease of use, or for the newest designs, today’s wall mounted poster frames are all built with the highest quality and durability in mind. Each of the styles mentioned above are available in a wide range of sizes to choose from, depending on your particular poster’s dimensions. By purchasing the right poster frames to mount on your walls, you are making the first important move in achieving the success and prosperity your business or company has been searching for.


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