Cosmetic Nose Surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the cost of a rhinoplasty surgery refers to the cost of any nasal surgery that is performed by a plastic surgeon certified by the board. This can include all kinds of nasal surgeries ranging from removing a small bump on the nose to reconstruction of the entire nose or nasal passage. Obviously, the more complex the nasal surgery, the higher will be your bill. Costs can also vary depending on the location, training and experience of the rhinoplasty surgeon.

Before planning to undergo rhinoplasty, you must understand that several factors contribute to the total cost of the surgery. The plastic surgeon usually takes time to explain all this before the surgery and ensures that you are aware of the breakdown and explanation of all costs involved.

The Basic Cost Factors

The largest segment of rhinoplasty costs consists of the doctor’s fee and hospital charges (including anesthesia, support staff, supplies and equipment). All these charges combine to constitute the total cost of a nose job. Typically, a nose surgery performed in a hospital will cost more than one done in a plastic surgeon’s office.

Anesthesia also accounts for significant costs – especially if you will remain under sedation for an extended period of time. The longer you remain sedated, the higher will be the cost of not only the anesthesia but also the fees of the anesthesiologist, the facility and the support staff. However, the cost of surgery will be considerably lower if your surgery can be performed simply with local anesthesia. Then there are rhinoplasty surgeons who will quote a single package cost that is all inclusive. It is fine to go for it as long as you are comfortable with the cost quoted. However, if you need to know the individual costs, the rhinoplasty surgeon must be able to offer the details. Whichever package you choose, always make sure you know what you are paying for.

In brief, average total costs for a rhinoplasty procedure amount to $8,000 – $9,000 but, depending on the geographic location in the U.S. and the complexity of the surgery, this amount could be more or less by several thousand dollars.

The Insurance Factor

When it comes to package quotes, you must proceed with caution. Some surgeons may try to conceal certain costs in the nose surgery so that they can later bill the insurance company. Cosmetic nose surgeries are not covered by insurance companies. However, they cover the costs of surgery performed to correct any medical condition like deviated septums. Be sure to ask if the surgeon plans to bill your insurance company for your rhinoplasty. If you are not too enthusiastic about this practice, simply let your surgeon know about it. Some people consider the costs of rhinoplasty to be too high. However, others believe that their improved looks greatly justify the cost of surgery. As long as you choose an established surgeon and know what costs are being covered, you are sure to have a hassle-free experience.

Surgical Tourism

One recent trend is surgical tourism สลายฟิลเลอร์ where residents of the United States and Canada travel abroad to destinations in South America, Greece, Thailand and other countries to receive cosmetic surgery at discount prices. The financial incentive for such travel is strong. The costs for rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery procedures at these destinations are typically 25-35% of the prices paid in the United States for the same procedures. However, since there are significant risks involved in any surgery, especially when anesthesia is employed, one must carefully consider and investigate certain things that would ordinarily be taken for granted if receiving an operation in the States. For example, what proximity and access does a foreign plastic surgery center have to a fully equipped critical care hospital in the event a serious problem developed during surgery? One should also seek out institutions whose surgeons, anesthesiologists and other personnel have been trained in the United States, Canada or Western Europe to ensure that the standard of care is high and consistent with expectations.

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