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The Ultimate Guide To Persona 5 Joker Cosplay Ideas

The character Joker is the playable hero of the pretending game Persona 5. Players are allowed to give his name, yet the activity and other side project material give him the name Ren Amamiya. He is a student from another school at Shujin Academy and doesn’t have any forces or impact toward the start.

Yet, outside of school, he is known in a wide range of names. The world knows him as The Phantom while inhabitants of the Velvet Room know him as The Trickster. His colleagues at the Phantom Thieves of Hearts know him as the Joker and their pioneer. His point with the Phantom Thieves is to change society, and his arrangement to do this is to perform unlawful heists and win defiled individuals’ love. As the hero of the arrangement and the fundamental playable character, he is without a doubt,  persona 5 cosplay the most prevalent character in the game. He is in any event, going to be a piece of the battling game Super Smash Bros. Extreme. Here it will be a Joker cosplay control.

The Best Joker of Persona 5 Cosplay Ideas

Like a great deal of the characters in the Persona 5 computer game, Joker is no special case with regards to appearance. He has worn a few repeating outfits all through the game, including his winter school uniform, his easygoing winter wear, his late spring wear, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts ensemble, and some more.

This Persona 5 Joker cosplay guide will highlight the Phantom Thieves of Hearts ensemble and the outfit that Ren Amamiya wore during the Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight. The Dancing in Starlight outfit comprises of a dark coat with a dark shirt that has a major zero in front with the word DANCE. It additionally accompanies a short dark unkempt wig, dark glasses, red plaid pants, red gloves, red shoes, and a red cloth swinging from the pocket. The Phantom Thieves outfit comprises of a long dark tailcoat with a high-neck petticoat underneath and dark jeans. A couple of red gloves, dark boots, and the high contrast domino veil finishes the full Joker cosplay set.


Joker is the playable character in Persona 5, which means his character advancement will be up to the gamer playing him. The heroes, however, is known as a Joker or Trickster and is a talented criminal. That is the reason his underlying Persona in the game is Arsene Lupin, which is an ace of camouflage seems like an evil spirit with wings that speaks to a hoodlum’s cape.

Being the primary character in the arrangement, Joker is ostensibly the most prevalent character in Persona 5 and the most loved selection of individuals looking to cosplay Persona 5 jobs. In the event that you take a gander at the Joker cosplay photographs, you can perceive any reason why he is a major top choice. Joker has a new appearance, in any case in the event that he is wearing his school uniform or Phantom Thieves ensemble. You can see from his appearance, particularly the Phantom Thieves ensemble, that he is a swindler. It makes his codename, the Joker, a fantastic fit for the character.